Legal Services for Trusts

The Sanders, Coyner and Cade Professional Corporation firm understands how complex trusts can be for those who are not well-versed in the industry. The intricacies of the legal aspects make it vital to have a team that you can rely upon to better navigate the issues and concerns that you may encounter along the way.

A Look into Trust Laws in California

Establishing a trust can be an advantage for many reasons, but these arrangements can often be fraught with complexities, particularly in matters regarding high-value estates and accounts. Sanders, Coyner and Cade Professional Corporation provides legal services for trusts that are designed to protect assets and preserve your wishes in estate planning.

California has specific laws related to trusts, and failing to strictly adhere to these laws could potentially place your assets and legacy in jeopardy. It pays to have an attorney representing your interests in California trust cases so that you can gain peace of mind in knowing that your trust assignments will be executed properly. We serve clients in:

  • Santa Barbara, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Ventura County, CA

What We Offer

Asset protection is one of the biggest advantages to establishing a trust, but it’s the details that really provide the most benefits. At Sanders, Coyner and Cade Professional Corporation, we specialize in providing analysis of each client’s individual needs in estate planning and asset management to ensure that trusts are established and managed according to your goals.

Our attorneys will work one-on-one with you to create trust strategies designed to protect your assets. Whether you want to establish a living trust, an AB trust, or another type of trust, we can provide legal guidance to help you avoid pitfalls. If litigation is required in a trust matter, our attorneys can offer representation on your behalf to bring about a resolution to your legal concerns.

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Common Trust Matters We Can Assist You

  • Business Partnership Planning
  • Trust Establishment
  • Trustee Assignment Matters
  • Asset Management Within Trusts
  • Trusts in Wills and Probate Matters
  • Tax-Advantaged Trust Strategies
  • Trusts and Charity Assignments

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If you’re facing uncertainty in the establishment of a trust in California or you’re having trouble resolving concerns over trust assets and trust management, then Sanders, Coyner and Cade Professional Corporation can help. Contact our office today to learn how our trust and estate planning attorneys can restore your peace of mind. Call us or fill out the form to schedule a consultation.