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Construction & Development Law:

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Like other states, California has its own set of laws and regulations regarding construction and development. Serving the Southern California region, Sanders Coyner Cade, PC is the partner to trust for personalized legal services in construction and development legal matters.

Common Legal Issues Concerning Construction and Development

Below are just a few of the many construction and development legal matters our attorneys can assist in the local area:

  • Affordable Housing Laws

  • Construction Delays

  • Bidding

  • Laws Related to Prompt Payment

  • Construction Defects

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What You Need to Know About California When it Comes to Construction and Development

California is unique in many ways, but how the state views construction and development matters as they pertain to the law can be somewhat complex. From environmental regulations and fair housing standards to construction material choices and contract law, it can feel overwhelming trying to navigate all of the state’s construction and development laws on your own. Thankfully, you can count on Sanders Coyner Cade, PC to guide you through the confusion and handle all of the hard work for you.


The Importance of Proper Legal Representation

When it comes to matters involving construction and development law in Southern California and across the entire state, a lot of money is usually on the line. To make matters more complicated, California has specific rules and laws that directly regulate how, when, and where development can take place. Failure to adhere to every single detail of the law can result in your project being delayed, and in some cases, you may be looking at the forfeiture of property or large sums of money.

At Sanders Coyner Cade, PC we have the knowledge and experience to guide our clients through any type of construction and development matter in California. In addition, if you find that you’re facing litigation regarding construction and development in Southern California, our attorneys can provide expert representation to ensure that your rights are upheld.

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What to Expect

When you reach out to our construction and development law firm in Southern California, your time will be valued from the first point of contact. Our team can meet with you to discuss the details of your project in confidence, and we can offer you all available options to help you get the outcome you deserve.

We also keep our clients updated throughout any legal matters because we understand the value of peace of mind. You’ve worked hard to get your project off the ground, and we want to play a part in seeing you succeed.


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Sanders Coyner Cade, PC is dedicated to serving the entire southern California area with excellence. Our construction and development legal services team has the knowledge and experience needed to handle complex matters involving all kinds of construction and development challenges, and we are here to represent your best interests. Our years of experience practicing law in California uniquely position our attorneys to help construction and development professionals as we understand the unique challenges the state’s laws place upon developers.

No matter what type of issue you’re facing regarding construction and development law in southern California, Sanders Coyner Cade, PC is here for you. Schedule your personalized consultation with our team today by calling us or filling out the online form.